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Relish for it :)

The first three pages from Tarantino's 'Kill Bill 3' screenplay.

Over black frame: "Long Days Of Vengeance" by Morricone
"He who seeks revenge should remember to dig two graves."
  - Chinese Proverb


It’s pissing rain in buckets outside. A chauffeur in a black
overcoat ushers a wet young woman into the back seat of a
Cherry Red, 1952 Bentley. She settles her soaking wet body
into the white leather seat. The door closes.

A woman in silhouette sits in front of her, she is as still
as a gargoyle statue.

Then a silver zippo lighter with the emblem of a California
Mountain snake washes out the murk to reveal the aged face
of Elle Driver, her eyes covered in white glasses, with dark

She smirks as she lights up her cigarette.

                    ELLE DRIVER
          How long has it been my sweet,
          little Nikki, since you last saw
          her face...? Ten. Ten years - since
          the killing of your precious

                                                    FLASH ON


Little Nikki sees Bea’s SOG knife being pulled out of
Vernita’s chest.

Hold on Nikki’s little eyes filled with tears and white
blind, hate for the Blonde Amazon who walks past her...

Hold on Nikki’s little clenched fist.

                    NIKKI (O.S.)
          All the old knives That have rusted
          in my back, I will now drive into



The Bell family including little Nikki watch Vernita’s
coffin fall into mother earth’s womb.

                                                        CUT TO:


Beatrix is hiking by herself. Cutting her path with a
machete through thick shrubbery.

She is blinded by a silvery flash. She falls and tumbles on
the floor. She spits dirt.

Beat. In blindness. A voice permeates the silence.

                    ELLE DRIVER
          Hello, Kiddo...

                  (in a whisper)

                                                    FLASH ON --

Elle’s eye is plucked out in Budd’s beat to shit trailer

                                                        CUT TO:

-- Elle in stark white fatigues jumps off the ground -
springs off against a tree as she swings down her Hanzo
sword down at Beatrix --

Beatrix rolls out in the nick of time.

Elle stands frozen like a statue with a smirk.

She stands HEARING the sound of the elements.

                    ELLE DRIVER
          Just like old times, ain’t it? --

Beatrix flings the machete with both her hands --

Elle Driver hears the blade cutting air. She deflects it
with her Hanzo sword and laughs.

                    ELLE DRIVER
          You’re gonna have to do a lot
          better than that, Kiddo.

Shaw Brothers zoom into the eyes of Kiddo --


CONTINUED: (2)                                           3.

NEU’s Super 16 on the soundtrack:

-- Nikki looking through the scope of a high powered sniper
rifle. Beatrix in the crosshair reticle.

-- B.B. being trained by Beatrix in Pai Mei’s temple.

-- Elle and Beatrix racing through the South American
jungle, Hanzo swords in hand.

-- B.B. and Nikki face off in the beach underneath the
moonlight. Hanzo swords unsheathed --

                    KILL BILL VOL. 3

The Bride shall fight once more...

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Piran Portorož Fiction

I have sent my artworks for the OFF Drum contest.
I did my best, and now, there were only keeping our fingers crossed!

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Relax, I'm not quite this job

Maybe some of you thought that I've quit this blog.
Nothing more wrong. Some changes happened to me that is why I had a break.
But don't worry, I'm going to write down what I've done and discovered.


wtorek, 26 kwietnia 2011

Sum up the Easter

After the Easter with absolute certainty I have to tell you that Copywriter with fully stomach is less able to write something interesting.

czwartek, 14 kwietnia 2011

Come Back Alive

I'm almost healthy :)
Besides having a terrible toothache, I was able to create some BTL shits and now thinking about my screenplay.
It'll be good film.
If it'll exist.