wtorek, 26 kwietnia 2011

Sum up the Easter

After the Easter with absolute certainty I have to tell you that Copywriter with fully stomach is less able to write something interesting.

czwartek, 14 kwietnia 2011

Come Back Alive

I'm almost healthy :)
Besides having a terrible toothache, I was able to create some BTL shits and now thinking about my screenplay.
It'll be good film.
If it'll exist.

poniedziałek, 4 kwietnia 2011

Another competition - here I come

I found some of literary and design contests in which
I decided to take a part. Because I'm so talented person - I can write as well as draw. False modesty

For example: Once, I gave my parents a charcoal drawing for their name-day and they told me:
We don't believe you did it.

Well, there is nothing more important thing than parents' believe in their child...

piątek, 1 kwietnia 2011

I'm satisfied with partial victory

Today is a day, when my boss said about the woman which I have met yesterday: Well, maybe she isn't as clever and brilliant as I thought about her before.

1 : 0 for my ideas!!!

Celebrate the weekend (more particularly
as I haven't school this time).

Writting, Drinking, Sleeping,
Writting, Relaxing, Drinking,
Writting and I don't care what else.